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Just imagine if every Lion, 1.35 million,

asked one person to join their club…

Now imagine how much more Lions could do and
how many more people they could serve!


Lions Clubs International
Presidential Theme 2014-2015
Presidentpreston_logo_bigJoe Preston





Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world. Our 1.35 million members in 206 countries and geographic areas conduct vision, hearing and diabetes screenings, support eye hospitals, award scholarships, build parks, help youth and provide disaster relief




  • WE SERVE WHERE WE LIVE – We are ready whenever and however our communities need us.
  • WE ARE GLOBAL – We are committed to pitching in with resources wherever we are needed in the world.
  • WE GIVE 100% – We cover all costs from our own dues, ensuring that all donated funds go towards our causes.
  • WE DO IT OURSELVES – We do whatever is necessary to help our local communities and our global network.
  • WE ARE RICH IN HERITAGE AND PRIDE – We are proud that we have served for nearly a century.
  • WE ARE IN GOOD COMPANY – We have fun in our clubs.
  • WE’RE OPEN – We are kind and generous people who want to help.
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