Welcome to the A12 Lions Webpage

Welcome to the A12 Lions Webpage

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Accomplished people from around the world have led our great association in its over 100-year history. While each international president brings their unique perspective and expertise to Lions Clubs International, there has (and always will be) a single constant that unites all Lions: service. With this as a guide, each president is committed to helping clubs increase their service, and as a result, their impact on our local and global communities.

International President

As a Lion for more than 35 years, International President Douglas X. Alexander has always led with his heart. His career and his life have been defined by family, a passion for service, and a dedication to inspiring leadership and kindness in those around him for the benefit of their communities.

Service from the Heart

Lions are a family like no other. And with our hearts united in service, we will lift up our communities all over the world. Because in times of great need, only a greater passion for service can make the world a better place for all people.

Serving our World Safely

President Alexander’s programs and initiatives will focus on four key priorities for Lions International that are critical to our mission of service.

  1. Building our capacity to serve
  2. Supporting our global Foundation, LCIF
  3. Putting our hearts into our service
  4. Communicating with our communities and each other

We Lead by Example

As Lions, our actions and service inspires others. We provide courage and a unique sense of empowerment to our communities and to the world. To do this, we depend on great leadership. And that takes great leadership development for our members.

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