Governors Project ’20-21

Governors Project ’20-21

Canadian Lions Centennial Celebration Matching Grant. 100 Years of Service in Canada.

In keeping with our heritage and our commitment to the environment and the generations to follow the 100th Anniversary Committee has chosen the following goals as a fitting way to celebrate our 100th Anniversary.

1. To plant 100,000 trees across Canada
2. To create a Canadian Lions Centennial project in each Community where Lions are present.
• The 100th Anniversary Celebration begins July 1, 2019 and ends June 30, 2021.
• All Clubs are asked to report their projects to their District Governor on the form provided. The District Governors are to forward the Club Project Reports to P.I.D. Art Woods or P.I.D. Carl Young at the E-mail address shown.
• All Clubs who successfully complete their Club Centennial Project and report same to their District Governor will receive a Club Banner Patch acknowledging this accomplishment.
• District Governors whose Districts raise $6500.00 CDN. towards a 100th Anniversary Project are to complete the included “Application Form” (Matching L.C.I. Grant Form) and forwarded it to either P.I.D. Art Woods or P.I.D. Carl Young.
• Upon verification of monies raised an LCI Matching Grant of $6500.00 will be forwarded to the District Governor to be used for the District Project.

In particular the grant money received from LCI for promoting a service project which among others is for the purposes of publicity, marketing, communications and attracting membership.

Download Centennial Brochure here