Day Of Service

The District A-12 Lions “Day of Service” began Saturday, April 26th, 2014 as a District-wide service project spearheaded by PDG Chris Lewis. It continued the following year, and was held for a second time on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 by PDG Barb Ennis, and is planned for 2016 on Saturday, May 7th, 2016. PDG Chris believed that many clubs had forgotten that our organization began as a community service organization – and were spending far too much time fundraising – and not enough time doing genuine service. Chris felt that the greatest satisfaction a Lion can get is from helping someone else, and we had an opportunity to engage our members and strengthen their commitment through service.

District Officers promoted the project to the clubs by saying “On April 26th…I want you to stop fundraising….for just one day…and instead focus your club member on conducting an activity that makes a difference in the lives in your community. I’d like you to spend the day giving a HAND-UP instead of having your HAND-OUT.”

The event was promoted in advance on radio, television, newspaper, along with social media. On the inaugural Lions “Day of Service”, members from 44 clubs conducted a variety of service projects such as road clean-ups, visiting with seniors, youth activities, and free barbecues and pancake breakfasts. Each club was visited by a District officer during the course of their project. Photos were uploaded to the A-12 Lions “Day of Service” Facebook page throughout the day. As a result – on the “Day of Service”, the Lions family in A-12 were able to impact the lives of tens of thousands of people. Many clubs reported that their members truly enjoyed hands-on work and had committed to continuing to increase service beyond the “Day of Service.” Several clubs set up membership displays as part of their service project and several new members joined clubs.

The Lions “Day of Service” concept began in 2014 as a District A-12 project – but is expanding beyond its borders. Other Districts in Multiple District “A” have expressed interest in conducting one, as well as Districts in Western Canada and across the United States.

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