DG Welcome Message

DG Welcome Message

Greetings fellow Lions of A12. I want to congratulate and commend all those who have stepped up to lead their clubs for this Lions’ year. In over 103 years of Lionism, it is a year like no other.

My motto for this year is “Another great day to be a Lion”

Each of us joined this organization because we wanted to serve our communities and help make them better for all. And we have all participated in service projects that have given us a great deal of satisfaction for what was accomplished.  This sense of achievement is something that I hope all Lions in A12 will continue to experience.

While our efforts to fundraise have been greatly curtailed by the onset of Covid-19, we can still serve the residents of our respective districts in a responsible manner while keeping everyone safe.

I look forward to working with you as we proudly wear our Lions’ colours and remain an important part of our local neighbourhoods.

Remember that “Kindness Matters” and it is

“Another great day to be a Lion”.


Governor Peter Shelswell