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Directory – Current Year COMING SOON

District Officer Reports – Fillable Forms

VDG Cabinet Report 2019 – Download

Region Chairperson Cabinet Report 2019 – Download

Zone Chairperson Cabinet Report 2019 – Download

Missing Club Officers Report by LCI

Expense Forms

Click here for MD “A” Expense Form Instructions Click here

MD “A” One month expense forms with formulas (excel) Click here

MD “A” One month expense forms for printing (pdf) Click here

Membership Reports by Lions Clubs International

Register Reports – Membership Trends in each club in a District beginning July 1st

Cumulative Reports – Membership Trends in each District beginning July 1st

Club Health Assessment – Monthly report listing the health of each club and District.

Monthly Membership Progress – Report showing progress towards District goals for membership growth, and new clubs

5 Year Membership Trend – 5yr history of new club creation, club cancellations, new members, dropped members, gender distribution

Summary of Membership – Listing of number of Female, Young Adults, Family Units, Student, and Leo-Lion in each club and District

Membership Forms and Publications – Link to LCI Membership Forms, Publications

The Ohio Plan –  A Strategic Plan to organize and run a membership drive


A-12 Policy Manual – Revised October 2020

A-12 Governors & VDG Manual – Revised January 2016

A-12 New Member Orientation Manual – Revised August 2019

LCI New Member Welcome Handbook

Candidate Nomination Form Rev 2015

Award/ Fellowship/ Nomination Forms

L.C.I.F. Melvin Jones Fellowship Application Click here

Helen Keller Fellowship Application (pdf) Click here

Lions Quest Fellowship Application (pdf) Click here

MD “A” Life Membership Application (pdf) Click here

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