Hello to the Lions’ family of District A12. PDG Dave and I are just back from the
International Lions Convention in Toronto! What a wonderful 9 days we had!

Governor training was a wonderful experience, led by a terrific Lion, Past
International Dennis Cobbler. He made our school time fun and worthwhile. I knew
I was in a truly International Classroom as there were 8 countries represented including Turkey, India, Estonia, Croatia, the USA and Canada. It certainly clarifies how Global Lions really are.

On Saturday, July 5th the International Parade took over University Ave in Toronto, showcasing approximately 200 different countries, proudly showing off their international dress. As Host Country, we were last and many loyal supporters waited up to 4 hours to cheer us on! It was wonderful to see so many A12 Lions on the sidewalk, shouting out their encouragement. Thanks to all those who were able to attend.

At the Convention, we met our new International President, Joe Preston. His focus this year is to ‘Strengthen the Pride’ of Lionism, in any way we can. He is passionate about what Lions do around the world and I believe his passion will be contagious and we will be successful in his desire to increase membership, service and the pride we all feel in being ‘Lions’.

My focus, along with Strengthening the Pride will be to ‘Leave your Footprint’ in some manner, through Lionism or someway else. Do something for your community that shows you were here – a positive footprint that improves lives’ in some way.