District Governor’s  Richard Message

Let’s talk about LEADERSHIP. Leaders come in many shapes and sizes but they all have at least one thing in common, they want to take an active part in whatever organization they belong to. In our organization we all start out as leaders because we want to make a difference in our communities. As we gain experience in our clubs some of us take on more responsibilities in the day to day operations of our club, next thing we know we are members of the Board of Directors and soon take on the role of Vice President and President.

Lions Clubs International (LCI) is very interested in our leaders and has developed many courses in the Lions Learning Centre that you can take any time of day. Recently the Lions University came online to give members an opportunity to earn a Bachelors, Masters and PHD Degree.

There are also a series of incentives and recognition programs for Club and District Leaders. For instance, The Club Excellence Award has a requirement to complete 7 criteria. These are easy because they are what we normally do in the course of the Lions year. Information on this award and many others that you may qualify for are available on the LCI website and from your Zone Chair.

I too am very interested in developing Leaders in our District and encourage you all to participate in District training. Training is provided from time to time in the form of Webinars and also Face to Face in a classroom, by the Global Leadership Team coordinator, PDG Kathy Daoust and the Global Membership Team Coordinator, PDG Chris Lewis. I also encourage everyone to consider attendance at the Lions Learning Weekend to be held on March 19 & 20, 2016 at the Holiday Inn in Barrie. This is an excellent opportunity to take a variety of courses to help you as you grow as a Lion in your Club and in your District.

Finally I would like to mention the District Governor’s Focus on Service Award. This award is based on the awards given out by PDG Chris Lewis and IPDG Barb Ennis. This award is an opportunity for clubs to recognize one of their members who have made a significant contribution to their club (I don’t mean money) through their leadership and efforts. The application will be made available in the near future. I wish you all much success in this Lions year as Leaders in your communities. Lion Richard