By Service

The Lions' Promise

Around its more than 100-year existence, their organization has been headed by experts. Although each worldwide president contributes their own special skills and viewpoint, one thing has always brought those of different backgrounds together: service. Each president is dedicated to assisting clubs in growing their service and, by extension, communities across the world.


About District A

In 1920, Ontario served as the gateway for the organization to enter Canada. The first three clubs were established in Windsor, Toronto, and Hamilton. They are all in operation to this day. These first Canadian clubs, along with a few others that are no longer in existence, seem to have been a part of the original Michigan and Wisconsin Lions District 9 up until October 1920, when District "A" was established.


District Officers

District Governer
John Jackson

1st Vice District Governor
Sheila Webb

2nd Vice District Governor
Jerry Rebidoux

Immediate Past District Governor
Peter Shelswell

Cabinet Treasurer
John Squire

Cabinet Secretary
PDG Jim Hilt

Region 8 Chair
Claire Weston

Zone Chair 8 South
Allison Stumpo

Zone Chair 8 North
Jason Fitzgerald

Region 36 Chair
Denise Naughton

Zone Chair 36 West
Kelly McNamara

Zone Chair 36 East
Zac Day

Region 21 Chair
Mike Guiry

Zone Chair 21 North
Cliff Cookman

Zone Chair 21 West
Jacco Spykerman

Zone Chair 21 East
Stasi O’Hare

Global Leadership Team
PDG Jamie Jones

Global Membership Team
PDG Ruth Roberts

Global Service Team
PDG Randy Hargrave

PDG Bill Copeman