Lions All,

The following is a series of statements and recommendations regarding the recent COVID-19 virus;

Club Meetings & Service Projects

Due to the rapidly evolving Public Health advice concerning the novel coronavirus (now named COVID-19), we strongly recommend that all Lions Events within District A12 be cancelled for the balance of the Month of March. This is consistent with the two week self-isolation period and includes all Club Meetings and Club Service Projects.

District Zone Advisory Meetings

All District Zone Advisory Meetings will be cancelled for the balance of the Month of March.

District Convention and Lions Learning Weekend

The Government of Ontario has issued a statement for the cancellation of Public Schools for three (3) weeks until April 6th, 2020.

All institutions are “erring on the side of caution” by postponement or cancelling events. Our District Convention and Lions Learning Weekend is scheduled for 3 weeks tomorrow and at this point has not been cancelled. We are closely monitoring the Public Health situation and we may have to resort to cancelling or postponing the District Convention.

Future Decisions & Statements

Depending on the length of time this situation lasts, there will be several administrative adjustments which we will have to make. We will inform you of these in good time.

Please remember your vulnerable Club members and check in on them from time to time by phone or email.

For those who have a Satellite Radio receiver in their vehicle, Channel 121 has detailed factual information on the COVID-19 situation and is broadcasting FREE, regardless if you have maintained the subscription.

Continue to follow the advice of health authorities and be safe.

Kind Regards & yours in Lionism,

Lion Jamie Jones,

District Gov., A12 Lions

Bradford Lions Club

(c) 416-200-6329